X Marks the Spot

Well, after joining me for a surprisingly tasty jalapeno red ale and absurdly good pulled pork nachos at my second home, Sunriver Brewing, Chris has taken his quilt home. Best I can tell he’s pleased with it, or he’s being really, really polite. I had planned to write more about this quilt and its process, […]

I Hate Binding

Once upon a time, I found myself searching Craig’s List for hay. My friend had failed to stock up for the winter and, come spring, she found herself without. Operating under the assumption that I was a truffle sniffing pig of sorts, my friend tasked me with finding hay¬†for her and, as expected, my usual […]

The Trouble With Other People

Wow, that’s a loaded title. And, if everyone knew that underneath my outgoing exterior lies an introverted, curmudgeonly misanthrope, it would make so much sense. But, my “Get off my lawn!” mentality aside, creating for others is hard. Take for example, the quilt I’m making for my friend, Chris. I met Chris this winter while […]

Matters of Scale

In a perfect world, my first foray into “Wooo! No patterns!” quilting would have gone seamlessly and made me anxious to do it again. This, however, is not a perfect world and therefore I stand by the countless hours I spent calculating the yardage requirements for my “…Means I Love You in Binary” quilt, my […]

8-Bit Quilting

Space Invaders

Last September, through some very odd circumstances, I had the privilege of traveling to Denver to attend the wedding of two dear friends, Pharlain and Cameron. It was an awesome backyard wedding that afforded me the opportunity to catch up with many of my other beloved Colorado friends. Still, I couldn’t help but suspect that […]